Ski Accommodation Done Right

Ski accommodations come in a range of styles in order to fit a variety of preferences and budgets. Typically located on-site at ski resorts or close to ski hills, this type of accommodation may include chalets to rent, hotels, condos or time-shares. Some people who ski frequently prefer to buy their own residences outright, while others, such as those embarking on family ski holidays, would rather rent for reasons of convenience and/or economy.

Amenities for Ski Accommodation

Depending on how much money a skier has to spend, it may be possible to select from a range of amenities, such as ski in/ski out features, fireplaces, hot tubs and so on. Some chalets, hotels and other forms of accommodation will have a wealth of exciting amenities, while others will be more basic, and, usually, much more affordable. Other amenities which may be found at ski rentals/condos include fitness centers with gym equipment, indoor or outdoor swimming pools, restaurants, shops and concierge service.

Prices for This Type of Accommodation

It is possible to enjoy budget-priced accommodations of this type near most ski hills, or to pay for every conceivable “bell and whistle”. This type of accommodation may also be available in the warm-weather months, when ski resorts turn into playgrounds for those who ride mountain bikes, hike and generally delight in the pleasures of the hills. However, prices for wintertime ski accommodations will usually be highest, as this is when ski resorts experience peak demand for services.
Prices for ski chalet rentals at the world’s most exclusive ski areas, such as Courcheval (in the French Alps) or Aspen, Colorado may be very steep, especially when ski in/ski out services are required. The most elite ski resorts will rent for very high rates, comparable to four or five-star hotels.

Features to Look For

Ski accommodation done right is all about location and amenities. Therefore, those who are searching for ideal accommodations should utilize the Internet in order to find rentals or condos that will suit their requirements and their budgets. Most ski resorts will offer full-colour photographs of chalet rentals or hotels, along with price lists and amenities. Booking early may result in lower rates. Some people use rental agencies in order to gain access to the right rooms or homes for their needs. These rental agencies will charge a fee for their services.

The best rentals or condos will be clean, spacious and designed to make a ski holiday enjoyable. For example, fireplaces may be desirable, as they offer the perfect, après-ski ambiance. In addition, adequate storage space for ski gear and other holiday essentials should be available. An ideal chalet or hotel will make it easy to enjoy skiing from sunup to sundown, by offering an optimal blend of features and location.

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