Email Marketing Done Right

Email marketing done right is about following certain rules while creating email communications which are used for promotional purposes. Typically, larger companies will utilize email marketing software in order to compile bigger amounts of emails.

These software packages, including ConstantContact (a very popular form of email marketing software) are designed to add customization features to marketing emails, as well as making it simpler for users to send out these types of communications. Most experts agree that following proper etiquette with regard to email marketing is very important.

Etiquette Guidelines for Clever Email Marketing

The best way to avoid being perceived as a spammer while performing email marketing is to avoid sending out any unsolicited emails to persons you wish to connect to. Most entrepreneurs will create opt-in forms at their websites, which tempt visitors to subscribe to email lists.

Some opt-in forms feature special offers or other teasers which are designed to make the act of subscribing more appealing. Once visitors have subscribed, it’s perfectly proper to send them emails advertising products, services or special events.

In addition to avoiding spam-style communications, email marketers must avoid other email marketing pitfalls. For example, email newsletters usually do not hit the target, as these types of newsletters are simply too wordy and long-winded for most people to enjoy. While email newsletters were quite popular in the past, they are now on the wane.

Rather than sending email newsletters, email marketers should craft shorter, more concise emails, which deliver a targeted message. These shorter missives will be more acceptable to most subscribers, since they won’t require much work to read or understand.

Personalizing Email Marketing is a Smart Strategy

To get more value from email marketers, most experts concur that personalizing emails is a smart method to utilize. Personalization may include first names of recipients (Dear John, etc.), images, interesting fonts, colored lettering, headlines and contact information for the company. By making email communications stand out, email marketers will have a better chance of connecting with those that they want to connect with.

Types of Email Marketing

Email marketing may be used in order to drum up immediate sales. For example, an email may include a link to a special deal that email subscribers may take advantage of, if they wish. Other types of email marketing may include information on new product launches, corporate or charity events, or staff changes within a company (new CEO, etc.). Therefore, email marketers should establish the end result that they are looking for, before proceeding to create emails.

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