DVD Duplication Done Right

DVD duplication is a procedure whereby discs are manufactured through “burning” processes. Duplication methods always involve the burning of CDs, DVDs or other types of discs (in contrast to DVD replication, which is achieved via a multi-step process that requires a glass master that is made from a client’s original DVD).

DVD duplication happens when assembled source materials, whether video, audio or other forms of information, are transferred into the most appropriate volume format, and then recorded (“burned”) onto the appropriate type of disc.

Some computer owners have hardware and software which allows them to burn their own DVDs at home. Others outsource the task to companies which specialize in producing high-quality DVDs via duplication processes.

Benefits of DVD Duplication Services

Burning DVDs at home (or at the office) may be time-consuming. Therefore, there are distinct advantages to outsourcing the task to DVD duplication experts who offer services online or in local communities.

Because such experts know how to burn DVDs quickly, without needing to create the glass masters which are required for DVD replication, this type of procedure is often very economical and cost-effective.

One service that is commonly offered by DVD duplication services is DVD printing, via four-colour processes or related processes. Companies which provide this helpful service will typically use high-technology machines in order to give professional-quality results which add personalization, flair and detail to DVDs which have been duplicated.

Printing typically happens via electronic files, so no film is needed. This lowers the cost per DVD printed. While it’s not necessary to pay for printing of DVDs while having them duplicated, many consumers do opt for the service, since it’s generally affordable.

Drawbacks of DVD Duplication Services

There are a few drawbacks to choosing DVD duplication services. One of them is the expense of outsourcing the job. While comparison-shopping will reveal deals that may be very economical, consumers will still need to pay for the service, and prices will vary.

In addition, there may be wait time while the job is completed. How long it will take depends on the scope of the task, as well as how busy a company is with other jobs. Most companies which provide DVD duplication services offer quotations for services, along with timelines for job completion. However, there is always a chance of delays or extra charges. Aside from actually paying for DVD duplication, and then waiting for a job to be finished, there aren’t other disadvantages to selecting this form of service.

Home DVD Duplication Hardware

These days, almost every personal computer (PC) or laptop computer comes with CD/DVD burning hardware. While using this type of hardware, data will be transferred onto high-quality, recordable DVDs. There are benefits to using this form of hardware, as long as you don’t have to create larger quantities of duplicates.

When larger jobs are required, the process of burning each DVD on an individual basis may become tiresome. Typically, people rely on their own hardware and software for very small runs of duplicates, and then opt to outsource larger DVD duplication jobs.

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