CD Printing Done Right

CD printing is a process which allows for the decoration and/or labelling of compact discs. Different methods are used in order to provide results, and these may be obtained via provider companies, or via CD printing machines which are purchased for home usage. The most popular techniques for printing CDs include lithographic (offset) printing, thermal transfer printing, silkscreen printing and inkjet printing.

Lithographic Compact Disc Printing

Lithographic Compact disc printing happens when CD artwork is placed on a processing plate, via computer or photo negatives. A chemical process is required in order to transfer graphics, letters and/or images in this manner. At this point, the plate is placed on a rubber tube which allows it to be applied to the face of the CD. This type of procedure produces a very polished and professional result.

At present, such a method may only be utilized during CD replication, rather than duplication. Turnaround times for lithographic CD printing are longer than those for other forms of CD printing.

Thermal Transfer Compact Disc Printing

Thermal transfer compact disc printing happens when separate colors are placed upon a ribbon. This ribbon is then placed under a heated printing head, which seals the CD, so as to create a secure label that resists water damage and dirt. Images used are transferred via computer, thereby ensuring quick turnaround times. Print quality is exceptional. However, there will always be a small border at the edge of the CD.

Silkscreen Compact Disc Printing

Silkscreen printing occurs when ink is passed through a monofilament screen. Every color goes on separately, and a film is used as a stencil during the process. This inexpensive CD printing method is quite affordable, so it’s ideal for bigger runs of CDs. However, it doesn’t have the polished look of lithographic compact disc or thermal transfer compact disc printing. When more colors are used, the effect may not be professional enough.

Inkjet Compact Disc Printing

Inkjet printing gives great results. During the process, the image and/or graphics are printed onto a CD which is carefully prepared beforehand, via the application of an YV-resistant coating. However, this form of printing is quite pricey, due to the cost of supplies and the labour that is required to finish each CD.

For those who want truly sophisticated results, investing in the more expensive forms of CD printing may be worthwhile. For those who need bulk labelling of CDs, cheaper methods may get the job done right, without costing a lot of money.

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