Who Are We?

With a website named “Everything I do is wrong”, it would only be natural to wonder what on earth this is about. In short, we help you find those that “do it right”. We provide a service to help you avoid the places that don’t care about how well they are doing their own jobs.

What We Do?

Instead of throwing a virtual dart and choosing a random company for a service, we take time to locate and rate companies based on their techniques, abilities and effective results with a smile.

  • We specialize in rating websites that offer services that you use in your everyday life.
  • Recommend the services who are “doing it right”.
  • Find those services that excel at what they do and are as loyal to their customers as they hope their customers will be to them.

Taking It to the Next Level

  • In keeping with the strict scrutiny that we place on other services, we raised the bar our recommended services.
  • Research and discuss up-to-date information that effects your life.
  • Describe special services such as “Trash the Gown Wedding Photography” – something your family might not have heard about yet - or Unique Pet Grooming.
  • Provide Tips that you can use to help you gauge the skills of services you are considering.
  • Offer Suggestions about when it is time to dump a business and find a better one.

If you are like us then you have found those half-interested businesses who are more concerned about getting cash from your pocket to theirs than they are in improving their services. We love to tell you about those companies that offer their customers fantastic service, coupled with enriching customer service experience.